Dermarolling at home for white stretch marks

Hi, I have many old white stretchmarks on my butt, hips and tighs. I´ve been reading a lot about using the dermaroller at home to improve them, so I thought Í´d try it. But then I read that dermarolling can hurt the skin around them, to the point that it creates even more. Is this true? Can it be more harmful? Thanks for the answer.

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Dermarolling at home for white stretch marks

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Thanks for your query. Dermaroller is not a tool to play with. It should be prescribed nd done by a doctor only as it can lead to certain complications. It is advisable to visit a dermatologist as proper physical examination is required. Hope it Helps.
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DermaRoller for stretch marks

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Yes, it can help. Use a 0.5 mm needle. Be careful, and try to combine this with a vitamin A cream. 

There are other better methods for stretch marks such as vertical energy microneedling RF. systems.


Dr Davin Lim 
Brisbane, Australia. 

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