Is it safe for me to use a 1.5mm Derma Roller?

I have just purchased a Dr Roller dermaroller 1.5mm and plan to use it once a month to treat some pinhole scarring from a laser treatment i had 3 years ago. I have just had a course of 3 dermarolling treatments by a doctor with a 2mm roller but cant afford to keep going to them when its 1,500 australian dollars for 3 and im going to need more as i still have the scarring there although there is some improvement. From my research i will need at least 6.

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Use of 1.5mm dermaroller

thanks for the query.But 1.5mm dermaroller should be done by a dermatologist.You can use 0.5mm dermaroller at home 

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Is it safe for me to use a 1.5mm Derma Roller?

Thanks for your query. 1.5 mm should be fie but still it’s advisable to get it done from a doctor as it can lead to complications. Hope it helps.

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Dermarollers , acne scars and safety

Depends on the area. If performed correctly it is safe. Is it effective? Well this is the cheapest and first generation of scar revision, yes, it can improve early scars, shallow scars, and minor scarring. 

I often get patients to skin roll at home in between my laser- RF micro needling events. 

Video below shows how

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