Porcelain Veneer for One Front Tooth - Is This Possible?

I chipped my front upper tooth in and my dentist told me she is going to put on one veneer that will match the other teeth. She told me that nobody will notice it is a veneer. Is that possible? What are the other risks of having just one veneer? In 10 or 15 years, will there still be a match?

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Single porcelain veneer on a middle tooth is challenging!

Doing ONE middle tooth by itself is about the toughest thing we encounter as cosmetic dentists.  The 2 middle teeth should be as close to identical as possible, or the smile tends not to look right no matter what. It's not impossible, however, and if the rest of your teeth are light in color and mostly monochromatic (uniform color-not much characterization), it becomes a little easier to manage. I usually recommend that my patients bleach first, then doing just one becomes a bit easier.

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A Veneer On One Tooth?

With today's ceramic technology, the possibility of placing one single veneer on a front tooth is quite feasible.  Based on the translucency of your teeth (or lack thereof), your clinician can make an educated decision on what type of ceramic is best for your particular situation so that the artificial substrate (in this case, the "porcelain veneer") will match the natural substrate (i.e., your tooth) most accurately. 

Good Luck!

One Veneer Can Look Great

I recommend you find out if your front tooth can be repaired with bonding.  If it is not possible, and bleaching and bonding will also not work, then interview until you have found the best dentist and go with a single veneer.

I have done many single veneers in the front but they are very hard and you must be committed with time and energy.  I know that my veneers have lasted over time.

Re-whitening and eventual replacement can be necessary but seeing your dentist every 6 months and good care should help it last.  You can always re-do it!!

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Hello and thank you for your question. Yes it is possible to do just one veneer to match the rest of your teeth. This will likely require a custom shade match with the lab to ensure it looks natural. Since porcelain and your natural enamel stain at different rates, come whitening maintenance may be necessary in the future.
Best of luck and follow us for more info!

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Porcelain Veneers: What's the best option?

A single veneer presents some challenges, but definitely possible given the experience and skill of cosmetic specialist. Over time, the teeth may appear mismatched, but whitening to the natural tooth should resolve this.

Best of luck,

James Asaf, DDS

James Asaf, DDS
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Porcelain Veneer for One Front Tooth - Is This Possible?

Ok so the question is, is a single porcelain veneer possible on a front tooth…and of course it is. Yet it does become more challenging because we have to match and mirror the tooth next to it. It will depend on the design from the dentist but also the skill level and artistry of the ceramist. So definitely if your going to try to venture into doing just one tooth which is the most difficult thing for a dentist to do. Please make sure that you ask for pictures, for other cases that have been done and just take a look at everything. Do your research before you just try to do one tooth because it would be terrible to end up with a worse problem than you started with.

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Veneer one fron tooth - is it possible?

Most certainly one tooth can be veneered.  In cases where the tooth has a small chip, a direct composite filling is the most likely way of correcting the chip.  However, for larger chips or other problems in length, shape or color, porcelain veneers are typically better.

Of the two aforementioned, because porcelain is stronger than composite, a porcelain veneer should last way longer.  Also, you seemed to be concerned about color matching.  Porcelain veneers are extremely color stable, and should have the same color for years to come.  Composite bonding is much more likely to stain and change color over time.  

Regarding the match, doing a single upper central incisor is oftentimes considered one of the most challenging cosmetic dental restorations to do.  It's not just because of getting a perfect color match, but also there are discrepancies in the shape, length, position and gums.  Therefore, in a great majority of situations when patients have high expectations, cosmetic dentists will often advise doing two porcelain veneers instead of just one.  This allows much more control over the variables required to get the best match on the front two teeth.

If your dentist is telling you than nobody will notice that you have one veneer on your front tooth, then she seems pretty confidant in her ability.  That is great!  She'll probably do a super job for you.

Norman Huefner, DDS
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Single Veneer

This is the most challenging case for a cosmetic dentist. It is possible to match a single veneer to a natural tooth. It may take several attempts by the dentist and the laboratory to get the match perfectly, so be patient with the process.

It is hard to tell what will happen over time to the color. The veneer should be color stable, but your natural tooth may darken over time. 

Sylvan Fain, DDS
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Single Veneer on Front Tooth

Without question you can have a single veneer on a front tooth.  This is the most challenging thing to do in cosmetic dentistry,  but we do it frequently with success in our office.  The key to success with these cases is for great communication between the doctor and the laboratory that will fabricate the veneer.  The doctor should take great digital photos of  your full face, smile, and an up close photo of the front two teeth.  This will give the lab everything they need to match the shape and color of the adjacent tooth perfectly.  

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Single front tooth veneer.

Hi 513573anon!

You bet its possible.  With the many different types and shades of porcelain available we can match the adjacent teeth without too much difficulty. 

The downside is that over time as the non-veneered teeth naturally change shade, the veneer will start to become slightly noticeable, and you may need to change it.  Also it might take some extra time at the appointment  for custom staining. Generally a single anterior veneer will cost slightly more because of the extra customization required.

Of course the better solution is to have the veneers place symmetrically from the middle out.  This will provide you with a better and longer lasting esthetic solution.


Dr. Alper

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