I Only Can Afford 4 Veneers for my Top Row. Where Should I Place Them Up Top?

where should only 4 veneers be placed up top?

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How many porcelain veneers to place

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If you are doing the veneers to change the color of your teeth, perhaps consider saving a little more before beginning as it looks funny to walk around with four white front teeth. If you can, perhaps do 6 veneers and have the dentist place some bonding on the bicuspid to complete the case.  You can change these bicuspid bonding to veneers down the road.  

Hope this helps and good luck!

Houston Dentist

Place veneers where they are needed which is....

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Most of the time we like to start in the middle of the smile and work our way out to the corners of the mouth. 6 veneers is the norm when it  comes to Cosmetic dentistry. Always consult with your dentist to determine where they should be placed. You can always add more veneers later but do as many as you can,you'll be happiest..

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Placement depends what makes for the best smile!

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You mentioned that you can only afford four veeners for your top row. I would place them right in the front. You  are probably doing veneers to make a more pleasing smile so i would place them in the front where you can see them. Later on, when you can afford more cosmetic work, you might want to add more veneers to the top or add some to the bottom to give you the smile you have always wanted.

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

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Where to place your 4 veneers

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That is a little complex question. In general, if all the teeth need esthetic help, consider whitening and veneering the 4 front teeth for the best use of your financial resources. The exceptions start when you analyze the smile and determine which teeth are NOT in need of help. Then, others may be the best choice for esthetic restoration.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

Placement of veneers is up to you

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The question would be "what is your goal"?  If 4 on your molars makes you happy, then that is where they should go.

Consult with an experienced cosmetic dentist that has done many smile makeovers.  They will be able to design a smile within your budget that meets your goals.  If your goals cannot be met with 4 veneers, then they would be able to show why.  Drs Estep and Boulden contribute to this site and are not far from you.  They are fantastic!

4 veneer placement depends on your smile now

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Without knowing what your smile looks like right now, it's impossible to tell you which 4 teeth should be veneered.  In general, you want to start in the middle and work your way out, making sure to place them in pairs. Your dentist may be able to do a "mock up" so you can see what you may look like w/4 of your teeth veneered. Sometimes, if there are major changes that need to happen, it's best to wait until you can do it all at once. This link shows 4 no-minimal prep veneers- the rest of the patient's teeth and bite were in great shape.

Gerilyn Alfe, DMD
Chicago Dentist

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