What is the Point of Kenalog Injections into Columella? Made A Dent At The Top of My Nose.

My columella healed very crooked after open rhinoplasty. My surgeon injected the columella and tip area twice with Kenalog but stopped after I developed a dent on top of my nose. What is a steroid injected into the columella supposed to accomplish? That wasn't explained to me. Much appreciation for your time.

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Kenalog Injections in Columella

Kenalog injections are used to decrease scarring or swelling after surgery. If you have a dent at the injection site this is secondary to a loss of soft tissue below the skin. This can be corrected. If the dent is elsewhere it is not related to the Kenalog.

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Kenalog injections do have risk after rhinoplasty

It seems we hear very much about Kenalog injections after rhinoplasty, though if the surgery is well done, they should not be needed. The most common application is in the area just above the tip to reduce scar and improve the tip definition. But as you now know, you can develop dents and broken blood vessels in the skin. The columella is a key area of support, and we are unsure why this area was injected.

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