I basically have no teeth and no bone in my jaw. Is there something anyone can do?

I have a full upper denture and significant bone loss, so eventually the denture will not hold. In addition, I had all but my eye teeth in my lower jaw replaced with implants. The implants have failed after 8 years and I have serious bone loss in my lower jaw along with soft tissue. I am only 64 years old and would never be seen outside my home without teeth. Is there help?

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Dentures with no Bone

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You are still so young and need to have teeth for chewing, laughing and smiling!!!  Bone loss happens with a denture because the bone is not supported with teeth or implants.  This is a common problem.  You should see a dental team of a surgeon in combination with a Dentist who will perform the cosmetic portion of your denture.  After looking at X-rays, you may be a candidate for implants or need to augment the bone prior to getting implants.  

Dental Implants

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There are several solutions, combined with bone augmentation. It is necessary to see your Xrays and also a clinical examination. Because you could also be a great candidate for Snap On Dentures (Mini dental Implant dentures) or an All on 4, or even an All on 6, depends in what you are looking for. There are different types of implants, but there is always a solution, or even zygomatic implants, but there is always a solution, and about the bone density, its important to do a check up. I hope this helps.

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