Can Plastic Surgery Fix Asymmetric Eyes?

My left eye is noticeably lower than my right one, which at first I thought it was because of the assymetric eyelids. After spendind some time on the photoshop, I noticed that besides having assymetric eyelids, my left eye IS lower than the right. Is there a way to fix it?

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Fixing eye asymmetry

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If you look closely, all patients have some type of eye asymmetry.  Frequently, one eye is deeper set, and other is more "bulgy".  This translates to the deeper set eye appearing smaller, and more sunken.  Often the upper eyelid drapes more over that eye and there are more folds. Often, there are associated asymmetries of the cheekbone, brow position and the jawbone as well.

It is not possible to make eyes absolutely symmetric.  It is important, however, to recognize the asymmetries, and is often helpful to minimize then. 

It may actually do a patient harm, for example, to make the brows absolutely symmetric if there is a significant difference in eye height (orbital dystopia).  This could create the illusion that the deeper eye is now really deep, and odd appearing.

Many patients can be helped by slight repositioning of the lower eyelid to create the illusion of greater eye symmetry, and balance the symmetry with the remainder of the face.  This repositioning can be done with canthal repositioning, or with a minimally invasive cheeklift.

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Fixing asymmetric eyes with plastic surgery

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There is really no way to fix asymmetrical eyes where one entire bony eye socket is lower than the other. This would involve major craniofacial reconstruction and is not worth the associated risks. Asymmetric eyelids can sometimes be made to look and appear less asymmetrical by removing more excess fat and/or skin from one eyelid than the other, depending upon what the asymmetries involve. This is commonly done to make the eyelids look more symmetrical, even though the eyelids themselves are asymmetrical.  

Eye asymmetry

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Eye asymmetry is normal in most cases.  If there is a significant difference in orbital height, very complex surgery can be performed to adjust it.

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Assymetric eyes

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This is an interesting dilemma. Assymetric eyelids can be improved with blepharoplasty.  If you truly do have orbital assymetry, the situation is a little more complex.  Common causes of orbital assymetry include trauma and plagiocephaly (congenitally abnormal skull shape).  The treatment depends on the underlying anatomy and pathology.  Treatment may include a bone graft to the orbital floor or a cranioplasty.  Pictures would be helpful.  Good luck. 

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