Will skin lightening from IPL pigmentation removal ever resolve? (photo)

I had IPL on my chest and shoulders to treat pigmentation I had in those areas. As you can see the skin that was treated is significantly lighter than the surrounding skin. I've tried going out in the sun for short periods to stimulate pigment but with no luck. Will this ever resolve??

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Striping from IPL

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Thank you for your question oneshot1405. The IPL photofacial treatment is outstanding for improving sun damage. It can be used on the face and other areas including the chest. If there is not enough overlap from one pulse to another certain areas can be missed and a striping appearance can be seen. In our office I do IPL photofacial treatments with at least two passes in perpendicular directions. This reduces the risk for side effects such as striping, burns, and blisters. The settings are lower and it does take longer, but if the device is fast the treatment time can actually be even shorter than that with other treatments. Striping can be corrected with further treatments and careful overlap. Most people require a series of treatments and striping can be addressed on subsequent treatments. Good luck!

IPL and Hypopigmenation - Combination approach with Fraxel and/or microneedling/PRP

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Hypopigmentation (based on photos) due to IPL can be improved with fractional laser and PRP.  Please see an expert.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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