Picking up a child after breast augmentation

I have a son he's almost 2 and weighs about 30lbs i wanted to know how long after surgery it will be that I can pick him up again?

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Lifting children after surgery

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Every doctor has his/her own protocol regarding lifting after surgery.  My personal feeling is that you can't ignore your children (much as you might like to at times).  You have to put them in car seats and high chairs.  Those are just things you have to do.  I just tell my patients that I don't want them bench pressing the kid.  Use common sense.  If you are doing something and it hurts, don't do it!  Either that or get some help.  In my practice, after three weeks, you can do pretty much anything you want to do.  You just want to take it easy during the first three weeks.  Since I am not doing your surgery (apparently) then I would suggest that this is a question you need to present to your operating plastic surgeon as his/her protocol is probably different from mine.

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Lifting your child after breast augmentation

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After sub-muscular breast augmentation expect to need help with lifting your child for the first week to 10 days.  After sub-glandular breast augmentation you may be able to lift your child after 4 or 5 days. However heavy lifting should be avoided for the first 2 weeks and weight lifting in the gym most likely for 3-4 weeks.

Most importantly you must follow the specific advice of your plastic surgeon.


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If you go under the muscle I would ask you to wait 3 weeks before aggresively engaging the muscle to prevent spasm and possible bleeding

Picking up your child after breast augmentation

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This will vary, and it is best to ask your plastic surgeon. I typically recommend that my patients wait at least 2-3 weeks after breast augmentation before they start exercising or picking up their children. 

Lifting a child following Breast Augmentation

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I recommend that patients avoid lifting anything that weighs more than 10 pounds for two weeks following breast augmentation. You should arrange to have some extra help with child care during your first two weeks post operatively.

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When to lift your child after breast augmentation

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There is not an absolute answer for your question. For most of us, we base things off of an educated guess and personal experience.  If an implant is under the muscle there is the possibility that the muscle will push the implant out to the side and create a bigger space than would look natural. For that reason, I ask people to be very cautious doing things that require strength in the first month.  However, children, for all of their wonderment, don't really understand that mommy can't pick them up for a few weeks. Most people find a way around this by changing the way they pick up their child/ren.  Generally speaking, I ask patients to avoid doing things that hurt for the first few weeks. 
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Picking up a child after breast augmentation

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This is the time to call in help from the grandparents.  It is best not to do any heavy lifting for at least 2 weeks after surgery.  The goal is to not start up any bleeding around the implant, which is caused from doing to much activity.  

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To Lift or Not to Lift your child after surgery

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In my practice, I tell patients not to lift more than a half gallon of milk for the first couple of weeks. 

I have many patients that are mothers of young children and they seem to work it out just fine.  You just have to be creative when it comes to caring for your child. 

The first few days you will probably want someone to care for your child.  After that, most women find that their children are more than willing to get into the car seat by themselves or enjoy taking a shower instead of a bath.  You will be able to lift your child by bending down and using your legs but not your arms.

I hopes this helps and good luck.

Lifting son after breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question. You definitely want to follow your own surgeon's post-op activity instructions. This is a general guide I give to my patients as to the recovery
Week 1) Discomfort and tightness level progressively decreases with each day. Swelling decreases a great deal after one week. Most people return to work in some capacity.
Week 2) Unlikely to need any narcotic support except maybe at night. Swelling and tightness continues to improve compared to week 1
Weeks 3-6) May need tylenol or ibuprofen for intermittent discomfort. Swelling completely resolved. Tightness may continue as the implants over an additional few months into their final position.

As far as activity, here is a safe guide:
1) No heavy lifting or strenuous activity for 6 weeks.
2) Resume walking at a leisurely pace right after surgery (e.g. 2 mph)
3) At 2 weeks, you can walk 2 miles at 2mph
4) At 3 weeks, you can walk 3 miles at 3mph
5) At 4 weeks, you can walk 4 miles at 4mph
6) At 5 weeks, you can jog 5 miles at 5mph
7) At 6 weeks, you can resume all activities, but listen to your body and use discomfort or tightness as a guide so you don't over do it.

So as far as the little ones, I would recommend having help for basic needs like lifting into the car seat. You can cuddle with them while you are sitting down, but you should avoid the tendency to multitask with one child in your arms while you are busy doing other tasks.

6 weeks or so

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You'll not be able to lift anything until about 6 weeks after your surgery. However, please ask your surgeon as they may have different advice. Find out more information about breast augmentation on our google plus page.

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