Will Areola Reduction Change my Breast Shape?

My left areola is larger than my right as you can see in the photo below. Since my areola are different size, If I get areola reduction surgery will on just that left areola how much can I expect it to change my breast shape? Will there be any "lift" effect based on the amount of areola that will be removed?

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Areola asymmetry

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Improving on the left areola size may not improve the overall shape of the breast. You may be better off having a lift on both.

Breast asymmetry and correction with areola reduction

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The size diffference in the areola is not the only asymmetric feature of your breasts. There are skin envelope discrepancy, lateral displacement of the mound, volume asymmetry as well as possible nipple and inframmary sulci dystopia to name a few. A simple areola reduction WILL NOT correct the asymmetry alone.

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