4 months post op thigh lift, I have a hole on my groin incision. Moderate amount of drainage from hole. Is this normal? (photo)

Over past week has enlarged from 1/8" to 3/8". I saw my PS two weeks ago and it had not opened yet but she told me it would open and drain. She said maybe a spitting stitch. She said to use silvadene after it opens which I have been doing. I have not noticed any stitch coming to surface - just the hole that is cavernous underneath. The drainage is thin pink - tinged and sometimes more bloody. No odor. No fever. Will this heal with current treatment of silvadene? How long will it take to heal?

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The Management of Suture Abscesses

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It's not unusual for plastic surgeons to utilize buried absorbable sutures when they perform thigh lift surgery. These sutures are placed in the dermis to provide strength to the wound closure.

Depending upon the specific type of suture utilized, these sutures typically resorb in two to three months following surgery. At this point, the wound has gained most of its tensile strength and scars are less likely to spread.

Unfortunately, these sutures are a foreign material and for this reason, your body has a tendency to work them to the surface before they're totally dissolved. When sutures break through the skin, they can sometimes become infected and form a stitch abscess.

This is a common occurrence when this type of suture is utilized. When these sutures protrude through the skin, they should be removed to avoid secondary problems. If the sutures are buried and not causing problems, they should be left alone to dissolve on their own.


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There is a slight separation of the wound, which is not uncommon after your type of surgery.  Silvadene is an appropriate treatment.  Packing the hole could help.  It may take several weeks to heal.  Please keep seeing your surgeon who can best advise you.

Shim Ching, MD
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon
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Post thigh lift

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Thank you for the question.  While this could be due to a stitch, it is advisable for you to go back to your Plastic Surgeon now that it is open for her to re-assess it.  From there, she can determine the correct treatment necessary. 

Russell Ashinoff, MD, FACS
Red Bank Plastic Surgeon

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Groin incision after thigh lift

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Thank you for asking. These situations are very specific and dependent on the individual's situation. Stay in touch with your plastic surgeon who can best guide you as she will best know what to expect. Best wishes

Delayed wound healing

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Thank you for your picture and question.
In body contouring procedures, typically after a patient has lost a great deal of weight, wound healing issues can arise. Conservative wound management is the best way to go. Keep your nutrition up, eat lots of protein, and keep the surface of the wound clean. It will likely heal within the next couple months.

Congratulations on your surgery.

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