Why are my teeth slanted since I started Invisalign? (photos)

I started my Invisalign treatment on July 19 2016 and now it is Oct 2016, I have to weat Invisalign everyday for 2 hours a day and change trays every week. However, I am noticing my row of upper teeth are slanting and two front teeth are sticking out more than before ? How can I get this fixed ?

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Slanted teeth with #Invisalign #DrSoftTouch

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Invisalign counts on you wearing your trays at least 22 hours each day, and it's recommended that your trays only be removed to eat and to brush your teeth. Your results with Invisalign are influenced by compliance in wearing your aligners. I would encourage you to discuss your concerns with your dentist, who knows the specifics of your case. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

Invisalign wear

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Your invisalign should be worn 24 hours a day and only taken off when eating and drinking. Failure to comply with this can result in compromising the alignment of your teeth and your treatment. I would encourage you to discuss these with your treating provider.
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Invisalign question

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If I understood your question correctly. You are wearing your aligners for 2 hours per day? Normally in my practice my patients wear them 24 hours / day only taking them out when eating. We have them wear their aligners for 2 weeks before changing to the next aligner. Please understand that often during treatment your teeth alignment may look worse than you started until the last couple aligners in your program. You might want to check with your dentist. 

Invisalign Treatment

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You should go to your dentist and share the problem you were facing because he will be the best person to give proper advice and treatment.

Shahin Safarian, DMD
San Diego Dentist

Slanted teeth before the end of treatment

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Invisalign takes several months to complete the orthodontic process, and teeth are moved into certain positions before finishing in their final location. You have only been in treatment for 2 months and probably have much farther to go. You need to wear your aligners for more than two hours per day, you should be wearing them 20-22 hours daily in order to move the teeth.  You should talk to your dentist or orthodontist if you have concerns.

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