Removal of Mustarde sutures in otoplasty?

I was wondering if Mustarde sutures (no cartilage removal)... could be removed to help relax ears that were pulled in a little too tight at the mid/lower levels? The procedure was performed over a year ago...If this is a possible option, how invasive is it to remove the internal sutures? Many thanks in advance for your time reading this and giving me your opinions!!

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Protruding Ears Surgical Candidate

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Revision of otoplasty is not unusual.  Various techniques are available to modify results.
Please use this information when consulting in person with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

New York Plastic Surgeon

Mustarde Sutures

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Dear Genius113,

By now it is more the soft tissues holding your ear in place, so removal of sutures are not likely to make any difference, however there is other technique to relax your ears !


J Tahery
Otolaryngologist/Facial Plastic Surgeon

Jawed Tahery, FRCS
Manchester Otolaryngologist

Removal of Mustarde Sutures

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Thanks for your question.  It is possible to remove the sutures if permanent type non-absorbable sutures were place (often permanent sutures are used).  I would check with your surgeon to find out.  If you are seeking a second opinion try and get the operative note from the original surgery to give to the new consulting surgeon.  Depending on the technique used, some of the sutures may be able to be released with a minor office procedure but there is a chance the surgeon may recommend revision surgery.  Hope that helps!  

Timothy Minton, MD
Savannah Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Otoplasty reversal

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It is possible to reverse the extent of Mustarde sutures pulling the ear but the extent of the procedure depends on how much revision is necessary. If only one area of the ear needs to be relaxed, a small incision near it and snipping the suture might do the trick. If the whole ear needs to be moved outwards a little then it is almost like repeating the surgery all over again. 
Dr. J

Tanveer Janjua, MD
Bedminster Facial Plastic Surgeon
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