Microphlebectomy: Will the csars fade? (Photo)

I just had my veins removed from my legs by microphlebectomy on Monday, April 7 2014. I noticed that where he took the veins out are little slits in my skin instead of pen sized punctures. Is this normal? It has been a week since the procedure was done and they seem to be healing okay but I thought that the punctures would be smaller. Will the little scars eventually fade away? Thanks for answering my question.

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Microphlebectomies are tiny incisions that range in size from 2 to 4 or 5 mm's depending on the size of the veins removed  This procedure had replaced the old technique of ligation of veins through bigger incisions and multiple sutures.  There is no way to remove or disconnect veins without making some type of incision(even very small incisions).  You should not be alarmed.  Your leg looks fine and it will take several weeks to heal.  In general, this micro incisions will heal very well with a minimum barely perceptible scar. Applying a topical agent onto the scars such as Vit E or Mederma may also help.

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Microphlebectomy scars

Microphlebectomy scars can fade over time and we recommend products to diminish hyperpigmentation in these scars called VenoLucent and VenoQuin and also recommend a product called Scar Serum to help reduce scarring of these healing incisions. Healing occurs over a course of 6 months and it is not too late to start these products. 

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