Laser Spider Vein Treatment Side Effects/Burn Marks. Is there anything I can do to help them heal without scarring? (Photo)

I had sclerotherapy (3rd time) & also laser treatment done approx. 2 weeks ago to treat spider veins on my legs. After the treatment, I developed red circular spots (that look like cigarette-size burns) all over my legs. Some even turned to blisters. I noticed some of the marks are fading but most are still red 'scabs' w/ bright pink underneath. I'm terrified that I will be left w/ these scars. Is there anything I can do to avoid scarring? How long will they take to heal?

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Scar Serum for Laser Burns and Spectrase for sun protection

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Scar Serum by Plato's Medicinals can be placed on these areas of concern for up to 6 months after treatment and improve the healing scarring process. Proper sun protection with Spectrase is also essential along with the use of compression stockings. 

Leg vein laser burns

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Those are burns from the laser where the settings were obviously much too high. You need to keep them out of the sun. Do not pick at them. Keep the spots well gooped up with Vaseline or Aquaphor. As the sites heal make sure you do not expose them to sunlight and wear good sunscreen in the coming months because the new skin underneath will be very susceptible to burning, which will make them a different color later on. Make sure you also contact the office that treated you so they know the settings were much too high and they don't burn you again in the future. You could also ask if they would call you in a prescription for betamethasone ointment (to use instead of the Aquaphor or Vaseline), which can help more with burns.

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