Is It Permanent That my Nose Will Stay Big?

my nose had changed abit after a faceplant on the skateboard 2 months later i got so obseesed with my nose one side was how it use to be and the other changed i started to press pull on the side that chaged.a week ago i started to press on the one that was fine now my nose(boulbous) looks bigger and fatter and i can feel that the cartilage is curved backwards making skin to pop up,so from where the nose is to the alar skin has popped up making my nose look different would it always stay lik dis?

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Is It Permanent That my Nose Will Stay Big?

    Any changes to the cartilage or bone caused by the trauma will be healed after 2 months.  The swelling may still persist for several months.  However, if your nose looks crooked since the injury you should see a plastic surgeon about considering a rhinoplasty.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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A nose may appear large four months after significant trauma.

After major trauma to the nose swelling may persist for some time. This has to do with the anatomy of the skin and subcutaneous fat particularly the nasal tip.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Nasal fracture

 Without pictures it  is difficult to say at exactly what happened to your nose with that injury.  After 2 months your nose is fixed and stable and will probably not change in shape. A nasal fracture involves a break in the nasal bones, and many times the cartilage could be dislocated or fractured off of the bones as well when they're injured. A  rhinoplasty would involve straightening the external portion of  your nose, but it's also important to address a potential deviated septum on the internal portion of the nose that may have collapsed with the injury. Cartilage grafting may also be required to make the nose look symmetrical. please see the  link below for twisted and fractured noses we have  repaired in our practice

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