Laser Hair Reduction Vs. Removal: What's the Difference

some clinics offer permanent reduction while others say permanent removel. is that just wording or is there a difference there?

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Reduction versus Removal

With laser treatment, the number of growing hairs is significantly reduced.  However, you may require several treatments to maximize results.  Also, it is virtually impossible to remove every single hair, so technically speaking, you should refer to the process as laser hair reduction.  However, even after one treatment, you should see very significant results and be pleasantly surprised at how effect the treatments are.


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Laser Hair Reduction vs. Removal: what's the difference

If the treatment eliminates one hair shaft forever you have both - a reduction in the number of hairs and a permanent hair reduction.

Your question reminds me of unhappy patients that have come into my office. BIG communication problem or perhaps hidden agenda on either or both sides. The patent's provide me their concerns / they feel - they were "guaranteed a result - in their minds. Did a reduction mean that all of the hair in the treatment zone would be gone forever???

Communication is a two way process. Terminology is important but bot the doctor and the patient have to be a part of the process.

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Permanent hair removal vs reduction

This is just wording for legal reasons. In reality a lot of hair is permanently removed but the new hair growth can make it almost impossible to have zero hair, especially in large areas like legs, back etc. A good result is cosidered getting rid of 85% of all hair in any treated area. Also every year or two a toch up treatment might be necessary.


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