What Percentage of Jaw Implant Procedures End Up with Complications?

I have heard it is quite high. Does anyone know? Thanks

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Jaw Angle Revision/Complication Rates

When you use the term 'jaw implants', I assume you are specifically referring to jaw angle implants as opposed to a chin implant. Jaw angle implants are the hardest facial implants to surgically place correctly if not done by someone with a lot of experience. They are prone to asymmetries in position as well as undesired aesthetic improvement if not properly presurgically planned. Thus, they have the highest rate of revision of all the facial implants. In some cases, what patients seek from jaw angle augmentation can not be achieved by standard implants and are best done with custom-designed implants. (e.g., the straight jawline from chin to angle) They do not have a higher infection rate than other facial implant sites however.

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Jaw implant surgery is routinely safe and predictable

Silicone implant placed over the jaw bone are routinely safe, predictable and well tolerated by the patient. The implants are placed through a very small incision under the chin. In my experience, the overall complication rate for chin implant placement is well under 1%.

Z. Paul Lorenc, MD
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