Is It Possible to Get a Sliding Genioplasty Even Though I Have an Underbite?

I have a weak chin that I would like to get augmented with a sliding genioplasty however I do have an underbite. Is it possible to get this kind of surgery without having to correct the malocclusion? I just want the chin augmented soley for cosmetic reasons and I fully understand the procedure will not change my bite. I am also aware there is a surgery available to correct the underbite. I want a sliding genioplasty to add length and height to my weak chin. Thanks in advance.

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Sliding Genioplasty and Underbite.

There is no connection surgically between a sliding genioplasty and the position of your teeth. The part of the jawbone in which the sliding genioplasty is done does not affect the part of the jawbone where the teeth are.

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Chin augmentation

Yes, it is possible.  However, I would need to examine you and see if a sliding genioplasty would benefit you from a cosmetic standpoint.  TYpically, patients with an "underbite" - where the lower teeth are in front of the upper teeth - would make the cosmetic appearance worse if the chin is further emphasized. 

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