Should I Have to Pay for Unrecieved Treatment for my Braces?

My sister and I both have braces but my family is going through a hard time trying to pay the braces off. We recieved a letter in the mail saying that if we could no longer afford to pay them, make an appointment to have them taken off. My mom called and not only was the people she talking to extremly rude, but they said if we took our braces off we had to pay the rest of the money for each of our braces. Is it right that we have to pay money for treatment they didn't give to us?

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Early removal of braces

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No excuse for anyone being rude to you.

Ever doctor writes his/her contract differently... but in general, you should only have to pay for treatment rendered.  Now a lot of the treatment costs are associated with upfront fees like diagnosis and cost of the braces so often the amount credited for incomplete treatment is not great. 

In any case, they cannot hold you hostage and not take your braces off if you don't pay (although they can ask you to seek treatment elsewhere).  Make sure whoever takes them off makes you a retainer to hold the correction you have already obtained!

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