Insignia Braces Vs In-ovation C or R?

I am looking into braces for adult. Would like to know if there are any result differences between Insignia vs In-Ovation R or C. They are different brands but want to know if any has different results.

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Do different types of braces give better results

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Braces are just tools. The quality of the final result depends on the skill of the doctor. Each doctor may have a favorite, but you can get a great result with any appliance if you know how

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Insignia is a trade marked custom bracket which has custom milled slot for each tooth based on a computer generated "virtual" set up of the teeth.   It also has special "jigs" to position the bracket accurately on each tooth.   In-Ovation C/R are stock brackets produced to average prescriptions in clear or metal.    As an orthodontist I am not yet sold on the custom milled slots of Insignia or the custom bent arch wires of Sure Smile as they do add significant extra cost both for the doctor and the patient..  I think "virtual" set ups of the teeth are a very good ideal because it makes the orthodontist "think through" the treatment very carefully in advance.  However,  If the orthodontist plans his treatment very carefully I think you can certainly get excellent results with the stock brackets such as In-Ovation C/R or the Damon system brackets which I use.   I always recommend asking to see results on cases similar to your own that the doctor personally treated.

Clark L. Jones, DDS, MSD
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