Can Retainers Pull my Teeth Back in Place?

Hello. I just had my braces removed 5 days ago and I was suppose to get my retainers in today but due to scheduling conflicts I have to wait another 2 days to get them. I've already noticed some shifting. My bottom teeth are spreading out. What really has me worried is that I had jaw surgery 8 months ago to correct an underbite and I'm scared that this delay mightpermanently ruin my smile. Should I be worried? Will the retainers fix this shift once I get them or is it too late?

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Can Retainers Pull my Teeth Back in Place?

It  depends on how much your teeth have moved. The retainer can only move the teeth if there has been a very minor movement, for more drammatic changes other options may be availble, such as Invisalign 5. You wil have up to 5 aligners where each one can move the teeth up to 0.25mm per tooth per aligner. You may or may not be a candidate for that.
See an orthodontist in your area and let them suggest what is the best option for you.

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Retainers can help

The sooner you get your retainer the better. A day or two may not make a big difference, but don't continue to push it out "another day" and then "another day".  You will notice some minor shifting daily once you transition to night time only wear, which gets corrected by morning.


You should be fine.

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