Can I use Retinol and Emu oil after dermarolling?

Can I use retinol and emu oil directly after dermarolling?

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Only tested serum like Copper peptides after rolling or needling.

I agree, only products that are meant to be delivered should be applied. This is because emu oil can act as a contact irritant. My protocol is copper peptide and or vitamin C after, then Vitamin A when skin has healed. Every specialist will have their own protocols. Dr Davin Lim, Laser and aesthetic dermatologist, Brisbane. Australia.

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Micro-needling and using Retinol and Emu oil

Whenever micro-needling of the skin is done, it is very important that nothing is put on the skin that is not safe if it is delivered into or under the skin. This of course includes Retinol and Emu oil. Micro-needling creates micro-channels in the skin which enhance penetration of any topically applied serums and medications. It is only by using products that are tested to be safe for injection under the skin that you can be reassured that it would be very unlikely to have an adverse reaction.
In my office we do medical micro-needling using a human growth factor serum that is specifically made to be safe for these treatments.

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Can I use Retinol and Emu oil after dermarolling?

Thanks for your query. It depends upon the area on which you have done treatment. It can be used if you have done dermaroller for stretch marks. Hope it helps
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