Tragus Earring during surgery?

So, I got my tragus pierced about 4 months ago and had a horrible healing process with it. I go to have surgery soon for a deviated septum and swollen inferior turbinates. If I change my sterling silver tragus earring into a plastic one then put a band-aid on it during the surgery, will that be okay? I really don't want to take it about due to the healing process and I love the way it looks.

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Earrings and surgery

Every surgery facility will have a different policy for earrings and surgery.  I would recommend contacting the nurse manage or charge nurse of your surgery center or hospital to ask about their policy.

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In general, we recommend removing all piercings.  Switching to a non-metallic piercing is often acceptable.  I would speak specifically with your surgeon and the facility where the surgery will be performed as this can vary from one place to the next.

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