What exactly is a open reduction of nasal fracture and how is it preformed?

Hello, I'm having a septoplasty next week and an Open Reduction of nasal fracture to fix my crooked nose. My question to you is what exactly is an ORNF and how is it preformed? My nose is pretty crooked, how well does this surgery fair in making my nose straight and back to normal? Thank you

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Open reduction of nasal fracture

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Thanks for your question. For people who recently injured their noses, we can frequently simply push the bones back to where they belong. This is called a closed reduction because there's no cutting. There's a youtube video of me doing it if you care to look. If the fracture healed, simply pushing the bones won't work. In an open reduction, you make a tiny incision inside the nose on either side, then you use a chisel to rebreak the bones. You then push the bones to where they need to be. This can be combined with a hump shaving if you want. Most of the time we combine it with a septoplasty to get the overall nose straight. You can expect your nose to be straighter, but perhaps not 100% straight. Improvement is the goal in all of this stuff. Good luck!

College Station Facial Plastic Surgeon

Open reduction nasal fracture and septoplasty procedures

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An open reduction of the nasal fracture involves making medial and lateral osteotomies in the nasal bones and manually setting them straight.  Osteotomy's or performed with a mallet and a very fine chisel. This can be performed through a closed rhinoplasty approach whereby all of the incisions are made on the inside of the nose. A septoplasty procedure can be performed at same time for improvement of breathing and airflow dynamics. For more information about osteotomies, please see the video below

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Open reduction of nasal fracture

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Open reduction implies that nasal bones will be broken with help of an incision (opening) and osteotomes (chisels). It works very well in straightening the nose. RegardsDr. J

Tanveer Janjua, MD
Bedminster Facial Plastic Surgeon
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