Broken nose about 8 months ago causes deviated septum? (Photos)

I fell from roof about 8 months ago and got hit on the left side of the nose and almost at the center of the I have a deviated septum and this deviation is caused by the bones which hits with the ground by hitting on left side the bones moves inward towards center and bends the septum .... I require a septoplasty or a rhinoplasty or some kind of minor operation without damaging the septum and which recovers only my broken bone from top and correct septum automatically ?

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Deviated Septum from Broken Nose?

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Hi Amar Ali, 
Based from the photos above, you have obvious deviation of the bridge, and the bridge itself is broad and the tip is big, the nostrils rounded, and the columella-tip complex is deviated. While seeing the photos alone will not tell us if this is caused by the accident, the best solution you can do is to correct everything together with septo rhinolasty.

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