I Just Had Paranasal Implant and Want to Have It Removed Asap!

It was a miscommunication or my doctor didn't explain it to me clearly. I realized there was an implant right under and across the base of my nose above my upper lip. It has been 5 days now. I can't smile. I used to have a beautiful smile. I could feel the implant there; it's very uncomfortable. I would like to have it removed right away. Would you please help to let me know if it can be removed right away since it's still new and has not bind into my tissues yet? Thanks much for your help.

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Paranasal implant removal

That's too bad that you've had miscommunication regarding your rhinoplasty surgery. It sounds like you have a premaxillary implant that was placed. I would suggest discussing your concerns with your surgeon as he or she would best be able to explain the reasoning behind its placement. Implant or graft placement in the area you describe will cause swelling and smile changes. I would expect this to improve with time, though.

If you're not satisfied with the explanation you could certainly get a second opinion from a different rhinoplasty surgeon.

It would be helpful to find out what type of implant was placed. Most implants can be removed at any time, though this very early stage may be more difficult given the level of postoperative swelling and inflammation. Certain implants (e.g. medpore) do produce more tissue in-growth than others which can make removal more difficult. Smoother implants like silastic (solid silicone) are easier to remove.

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Nasal implant removal.

Nasal implant removal is quite easy to do, but I would wait 4-8 weeks for the swelling to go down and your smile to return before doing this.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Premaxillary implant during Rhinoplasty has affected smile.

Yes, this should be a silastic implant that should be able to be removed by your Rhinoplasty surgeon.  Unless you had a columellar retraction, these implants offer few benefits.  If may want to wait for a month, or so, to se if the smile returns to normal.

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Paranasal implant can be removed

Few of us use paranasal implants and my vote would be for removal, sooner rather than later, unless there was some special circumstance which would have required the need for the implant. Of course, this should have been discussed and understood by you and been part of the surgical planning. Most hate surprises, and a second opinion may be in order.

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