How to treat belly button infection and necrosis? (photos)

I had my 3rd MR almost 30 days ago. My first TT my BB was perfect. Now this time I think there is necrosis and infection. It SMELLS bad. It oozes stuff out of it and is bleeding. My surgeon has me coming once a week for him to change the gauze and I think he stuffs the belly button with Neosporin and packs the gauze in. My concern is its not healing and today it was bleeding. I don't know what I should be doing my surgeon have me no instructions on how to care for it at home. Suggestions?

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Treating tissue compromise

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such as yours requires more wound care to clear debris so you can heal faster.  Most surgeons would agree that you could wash your wound out in the shower (do not submerge) and twice a day dressing are better than once a week dressing.  This would resolve odors, improve inflammation, and help it heal as quickly as possible.  Seeing your surgeon weekly is a good thing.  

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Belly button problem on 2nd tummy tuck revision.

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s I am so sorry your belly button isn't healing well.

The necrosis is dead tissue and I agree with you that there is infection around it. A weekly dressing change is not enough to control the infection. Packing with neosporin is not the best treatment for this problem. You need dressing changes at least 2 x a day, with packing that either is wet-to-dry saline dressings or other debriding (cleaning out) dressings. You can do these yourself at home - but your surgeon must teach you how to do it. Then he can see you every week to be sure you are making progress. If your surgeon is not a plastic surgeon and does not know how to manage your wound, please have him refer you to a wound clinic run by a plastic surgeon.

Wound Care

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Your wound needs more frequent dressing changes.  Once this is instituted, you will find it will no longer smell badly, and it will begin to heal much, much more quickly. You surgeon needs to show you how to do these 'normal saline wet to dry dressings', and should either do them for you daily or help you to get home nursing to help you if you can't do it on your own. Best of luck!

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