If you had a Tummy Tuck 20 years prior, can you have a second?

Would they mess with the muscles again, or just do lipo and a TT?

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A second tummy tuck

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Thank you for your question.

It is possible to perform a second tummy tuck and you may or may not need the muscles repaired.  Did you gain or lose weight since your first surgery? Did you have a baby after the first surgery? There are several factors that go in to determining if the muscles would need work a second time.  The best option would be to have an in person evaluation and discuss all your options with a PS. Good luck.

Muscle repair

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During a second tummy tuck you may or may not need additional tightening of the muscles.  If you have had pregnancies or variations in weight since the first surgery, it is more likely that you would need muscle tightening, but this is something we could determine at your consultation.

If you had a Tummy Tuck 20 years prior, can you have a second?

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  Yes, it is almost certainly possible to undergo repeat abdominal wall contouring surgery. Exactly what would be indicated with depend on your physical examination and personal goals. Your bodies' changes since the previous tummy tuck surgery will likely play a large part in the discussion. 

Nothing will replace in-person evaluation with well experienced board certified plastic surgeon to make a good diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Best wishes.

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Tummy Tuck Revision Options

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Revision surgery is unusual but may be desired for several reasons. Most revisions should be done after 9-12 months.  One cause for revision surgery are “dog ears” at the ends of the incisions. These are small folds of excess skin that do not flatten over time. They can be excised, suctioned or both. Now, since you are well past this 12 month period there should be plenty of availability for a revision.

Scars may widen or continue to be red and elevated.  These may require laser treatment or injection with kenalog and 5-FU.  Excision and reclosure may help some scars. Other treatments are available as well.

Excess fat or loose skin may require liposuction and skin excision to obtain the best result. Now, the best thing to do would be to seek out a local board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation on what procedures would provide the best results that you are looking for. Good luck.

Second Tummy Tuck

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A second tummy tuck can certainly be a possibility if you have additional excess skin and fat 20 years after your first tummy tuck.  The muscles do not generally need to be tightened again unless they have re-separated.  This can occur is you had significant weight gain after your first surgery or became pregnant.

A small vertical scar is sometimes present on the lower abdomen after a revision tummy tuck since the belly button may have to be repositioned again.  This scar is from the opening where the belly button was previously and is only present if there is not sufficient excess abdominal skin to remove it.  A  new opening is made after the extra skin is removed like in your previous surgery.  Liposuction is also generally safe to perform on a secondary tummy tuck depending on your general health and previous abdominal surgeries.

Best of Luck!

Dr. Rednam

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