I Just Got a Palatal Expander, Will It Close My Gap Before I Get Braces in 3 Weeks?

Everyones making fun of the gap in my two front teeth. Im getting my braces in like 3 weeks I dont have to turn my expander anymore. I was wondering if the gap will close on its own before i get my braces?

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My gap after expander

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Yes, your gap should start to slowly close even before you get the braces on. This closure is due to the tissue pull of the gingival ( gum ) tissue . And rest assured, as soon as the braces go on, the space will close with in a month.

San Diego Orthodontist

The Gap Means the Expander Worked

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Don't sweat the gap, it just means that your expander is doing it's job. Now you'll be on a path towards a broad beautiful smile that no one will give you grief about.

Once your orthodontist has you stop turning your expander the gap will close a little bit, and when you get braces on your teeth will start to line up and the gap will get closed completely if it hasn't already.

Scott Frey, DDS
Allentown Orthodontist

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