Jaw expander and dental bonding? (Photos)

I plan to get braces soon and I've already had a consultation. But since then my teeth have shifted and I noticed that my top jaw is smaller than my bottom jaw. Also my teeth are uneven lengths and shapes due to my misalignment/crossbite.

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Expansion with DNA appliances should be able to correct the jaw size discrepancy.  After that then the teeth can be restored so they should last longer.

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Cross bite ... open bite ... tongue thrust?

It looks like you have 1. what is called a posterior crossbite ... normally the upper teeth fit outside the lower teeth but in your case they fit in side.  This is usually due to a narrow upper dental arch which is often the result of breathing through the mouth and not the nose.  2.  an anterior open bite ... normally the upper incisor teeth overlap a millimeter or 2 over the lower incisors (front teeth) and in your case there is an open space between the teeth...  this is usually caused by an abnormal tongue position and thrust when you swallow.  3.  I would guess that you are a mouth breather as opposed to a nose breather and that you posture your lips apart and not together.

If you feel that your teeth have shifted recently you should seek treatment soon.  I recommend that you see a qualified orthodontist or a dentist who is knowledgeable about orthodontics.  Myofunctional therapy might be a helpful adjunct to resolving your tongue posture and lip habits.  It looks to me like palatal expansion would also be helpful.

Do you have any other symptoms such as headaches, back pain, neck pain, wear on your back teeth, clicking in the joints of your jaw, ringing in your ears?  Resolving these issues if you have them might also be a part of your treatment.

Good luck ...

Martin Frankel, DDS
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Very Narrow Maxilla: DNA Appliance or SARPE procedure are good choices

You have a very narrow maxilla that ideally would have been expanded as a child.  As an adult the DNA Appliance and Epigenetic orthopedics/ orthodontics can grow you maxilla.  There is also the possible us of a SARPE, surgically assisted rapid palatal expansion.  

There are numerous advantages to the DNA appliance.  The SARPE is the fastest way to ggrow the maxilla.

Ira Shapira, DDS
Chicago Dentist
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