Bonding re-done prior to braces?

I will be getting my bonding redone on my two front teeth due to bonding errors made by the dentist. I wanted to know if it would be better to get my bonding redone first or get Invisalign first. Thanks!

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Bonding timing

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its advisable to do final/cosmetic bonding after braces treatment. in aligners also sometimes attachments are required for precise movement so in such condition it will damage bonding surface.


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Normally I recommend bonding or any other cosmetic work after invisilign or orthodontic treatment.  


Dr. Maddahi

Redo Bonding Timing

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When to redo your bonding depends on how your teeth are now and where they'll be after Invisalign. If they're overlapped and/or will require significant movement, it might be best to wait until after Invisalign. However, if you just want to correct the error beforehand that probably would be fine as well. If the problem really bothers you, correct it first. 

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Bonding before or after Invisalign?

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If your two front teeth require attachments, then it would be better to redo your bonding after Invisalign.  If no attachments are required, then the bonding could be done before Invisalign.  

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