Is deviated septum surgery painful?

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I have had it myself twice and I can tell you that it was very tolerable. The hardest part was the packing. So, based on my own experience as a patient I try not to put packing in the nose. RegardsDr. J

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Nasal surgery and pain

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Typically, septoplasty or rhinoplasty are not that painful post-operatively.  If packing is used, it is removed most often in the recovery room prior to you going home.  Most patients feel as if they have had a bad head cold.


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No it is not, I do not use packing or splints so there is nothing to remove after - which is the annoying part. But there is very little pain after septal or rhinoplastic surgery. 

Deviated septum surgery

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Thanks for your question. Most of the time, pain from septoplasty surgery isn't a big deal. Sometimes surgeons will use packing or intranasal splints that can hurt, but it largely depends on the surgeon. In my practice, I will use intranasal splints a couple of times a year at most. Check out my blog about septoplasties. There's also a review by someone whose septum I fixed; feel free to check that out as well. Good luck!

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