Should I Be Concerned About Pain 3 Weeks After Chin Implant Surgery?

I had a large chin implant (incision was external, under the chin) put in 3 weeks ago. The pain went away quickly and it looks great. The right side of the chin and my lower lip on the right side have been numb since the surgery and I am slowly gaining back feeling. However, this week I started experiencing some sharp shooting pains in that area and a burning sensation under my lip. Should I be concerned? What can I do/take to reduce the pain? Thanks, Christopher

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Should I Be Concerned About Pain 3 Weeks After Chin Implant Surgery?

The healing will take 6-9 months and meanwhile you may experience variety of feelings which may cause concern but usually are transient. Follow up with your surgeon as schedulled.

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Chin Implant Pain

From your description it sounds as the though the mental nerve was injured during the placement of the implant.  The nerve has started to recover and now you are getting neuralgia (nerve injury induced pain).  This may be a normal process of a recovering nerve that will go away or it could indicate that the implant is pinching the nerve.  You will need to discuss this with your surgeon and determine if the implant should be repositioned or if it should be left alone.

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