Can I Do Facial Exercises After my Chin Implant?

I just had rhinoplasty and chin implant put in a week ago. I am weird when it comes to surgeries I didnt bruise and hardly swelled. The numbness of the entire chin and lip has lessend and movement is progressive. Is to to soon or could I damage or shift the implant if I try facial excersises such as smiling bigger, opening my mouth bigger, or whatever range of motion I can do to help the tightness and restore my smile and ability to laugh and eat better?

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Chin Implant

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At this point most surgeons would allow you to complete all range of facial expressions but the most important surgeon is your so you should check with him/her

Facial Exercises After a Chin Implant

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Timing of facial exercises after a chin implant varies between surgeons.  It depends on how the implant was secured.  If it was secured with screws, then exercises could be resumed early after surgery.  If the implant was secured with sutures, then the implant has the risk of moving after surgery.  In this situation, I would wait 3 months before resuming exercises.  

Facial Exercises After Chin Implant

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Normal facial expressions are ok after chin implant. However facial exercises could move implant out of place. Also avoid significant pressure on the implant for at least 6 wks.



OK for facial movement after Rhinoplasty, not after Chin Implant

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IMHO, it's ok for you to move your face normally after a Rhinoplasty. I would not allow my Rhinoplasty patients to do facial exercises however for 3-4 months. For the Chin Implant, moving the muscles of the chin could actually move the implant as it sits underneath the large chin muscle. Move the muscle in the immediate post op period and you may move the implant.

Facial Movement After Chin Implant

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I do not restrict my patients from facial expressions after doing a chin implant.  I don't believe that facial expressions could move the implant out of proper position, at least not the way I put the implants in.  I do ask that patients refrain from significant pressure on the implant, sleeping on their face, using chin strap helmets, or similar things for at least 6 weeks.  This is how I treat my patients, you really should ask your doctor for instruction, however.

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