Oversized Philtrum Help Needed - What Can Be Done? (photo)

Is there a surgery to remove the excess tissue/fat from the top of my Philtrum just below where it joins my nose? Also can the length of my Philtrum be decreased while increasing the size of the pink part a my upper lip slightly (aiming only for a very natural looking result). What would the e average cost and recovery time for such a surgery be?

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Subnasal Lip Lift for Philtral Shortening

By your description and picture, you are describing what a lip lift can achieve. A subnasal lip lift shortens philtral length, creases more upper lip pout (vermilion show) and can subtly change the nasolabial angle. This is a procedure that is usually done in the office under local anesthesia.

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How to reduce the height of the philtrum?

Looking at your picture I can say that you would be a good candidate for a lip lift. The price is an all inclusive $3500. The procedure is done in the office under a local anesthetic. The sutures are removed within 5 days and a special narrow tape is applied for a few more days. You can work in a day if you can come up with a story or just tell people what you have done to explain why you have a tape under your nose. The results are immediate and look better every day as the swelling goes down. The upper lip is shorter and shows the upper teeth. The vermillion is enhances. If you don't have issue with scaring elsewhere the scars are invisible. I tend to hide them in the nostrils and the creases between the nose and the lip. We make arrangement for out of town patients and even international patients. Our location is about an hour from New York City which allows our long distance patients to combine this with a cultural vacation in the city.

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Oversized Philtrum Help Needed - What Can Be Done?

A lip lift procedure typically can accomplish what you are looking for. The recovery is about one week. The incision can be pink for a few months but can be camouflaged with makeup as soon as the sutures are removed at one week. Seek a plastic surgeon who has performed many lip lift procedures as incision design, placement and closure are critical to create a natural look. I hope my answer is helpful.

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