Otoplasty - How Long Before Working out - Lifting Weights?

Hi, I had otoplasty performed on both ears about 6 months ago. Should if be safe to being light weight lifting (workouts) now? Thanks, Frank

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Otoplasty recovery

Yes- you should be safe working out within 4-6 weeks of your
otoplasty. Always check with your plastic surgeon before resuming activities.

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2-3 Weeks Before Working Out After an Otoplasty- As long As You Are Wearing a Head Band.

I usually allow people to begin working out as soon as 2-3 weeks after an otoplasty. More important than the exercise is to have them wear a head band over their ears when doing so in order to make sure they don't rub their ear against something that could disrupt the scar tissue formation. Plus, even if you don't work out too hard, the head band makes you look more serious about your workout. At 6 months, you really don't need to use any precautions. Good luck.

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How long before I can exercise after surgery?

Dear inthedark,

  1. You should wait 3 weeks before lifting heavy weights
  2. You want to maintain a normal blood pressure and any spikes can pop a blood vessel and you may have bleeding under the skin
  3. You also need the cartilage to heal well to ensure great results

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Otoplasty recovery

You can work out 3 weeks after the surgery as long as there is no contact with the ears. If you do contact sports then 6 weeks is a better time frame. Regards
Dr. J
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Otoplasty - How Long Before Working out - Lifting Weights?

You should check with your surgeon as different physicians feel differently about when one can return to regular exercise.  With my patients, I recommend waiting for two week.


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