What Are Ways To Relieve Itching After Otoplasty?

I had an otoplasty 5 days ago and recently suffered from constant, intense itching sensations on my ears. Itching them through the bandages made me worried that I'd ruin my result, and also, itching only provided temporary relief before it was just itching severely again. I found a solution, which was taking a ton of White Petroleum (basically Vaseline) and covering my ears in it with a very thick layer. I did NOT put any in the actual ear canal, though. Are there other methods? Thanks!

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5 days post otoplasty

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You should see your doctor about this so he/she can change your dressings and examine your ears for any reactions or possible infection.  If none are found, most doctors use antihistamines to help with post-op itching as the healing process does release histamines locally.

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Otoplasty Recovery

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It is not uncommon for patients to experience itching associated with the dressing which are used to cover the ears after otoplasty.  If the bandages have been removed and the itching is still intense I would suggest you followup with your surgeon to rule out possible 1. Infection  2.  Allergic Reaction To Healing Ointments, etc..  If these are all not the case your surgeon may suggest over the counter benadryl rather than covering your ears with Vaseline.  Good Luck

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