I have a keloid scar on my belly button from piercing years ago. Is there a risk of getting keloid scars on the incision? photo

I pierced my belly button 8 years ago and shortly after developed a keloid scar . I have piercings in my ears and a tattoo and haven't developed other keloid scars. Should I be worried getting a tummy tuck will result in keloid scars on the incision ?

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Keloid at piercing indicates high risk of keloid with any surgery

I would think you are highly likely to get either hypertrophic scarring or keloid scarring with a tummy tuck procedure. Starting scar treatments as soon as suture removal has been shown to helpful to treat and prevent excessive surgical scarring.

Prone to keloid development

Thank you for the picture. I would be very concerned that you would develop a keloid for any type of cosmetic abdominal procedure. I would proceed with extreme caution.

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