Taking Viagra the Week Before Revision Rhinoplasty, Should I Postpone Surgery?

Seven months after my first surgery, my surgeon wants to refine the tip. However, 6 days before surgery I drank too much and lost a bet and took a Viagra pill (I know stupid) I am just wondering if I should postpone my surgery or will taking that pill not affect the healing? This is a serious question not a joke. I dont need a lecture on taking the pill, that was a stupid act on my part....just worried is all.

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This type of question you should direct to your surgeon. Any deviation from the recommended presurgical routine should be discussed with your surgeon prior to surgery.

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Viagra a Week Before Rhinoplasty

Alcohol and Viagra 1 week before a rhinoplasty revision should not be a problem, but this should be discussed with your surgeon. Regardless of my opinion follow his recommendations.

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