Are lower implant dentures less bulky than regular dentures

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Yes they are!

you will have a good result, with denture hold to implants, they could be all on4, or even snap indentures, they will not be bulky, and you will love the results.there are many solutions, you will love your teeth.

Lower Implant Denture

Lower implant dentures tend to be less bulky than regular dentures because less acrylic is needed for retention as opposed to a regular denture. The All-on-4 lower implant denture is supported by implants so much less material is required.

John Paul Gallardo, DDS
Miami Periodontist
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Yes, they are smaller

Yes, they are less bulky because they do not have to have an extended flange on the lower and the upper does not have to have the palate covered with plastic. Implant retained Dentures are either attached with screws or they have special attachments to have them snap onto the implants. This added retention makes it unnecessary to have larger coverage for stability and suction which is required by non implant retained dentures.

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