Can I get a Dental Implant without getting a Bone Graft? Age 30

My adult front tooth got knocked out as a child from falling of my bike,I've had a bridge ever since but wanting a implant placed,would I need a bone graft with it been missing for all that time? I lost it at about the age of 8 and now I'm 30

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Bone graft

Maybe!  Usually there is significant bone loss associated with previously avulsed teeth. You could get away from getting a bone graft if you have good enough thickness and also if your lips cover up the lost vertical bone for esthetic reasons. 

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Bone grafting on a front tooth.

Bone starts to shrink the moment the tooth is removed.  These situations are very difficult to manage, but invariably a bone graft and soft tissue graft will be required to build up the site and enable a proper implant placement. 
As far as the reason for wanting an implant?  Did the bridge not serve you well?  There is a common misconception that an implant looks better than a bridge.  This is not always true and the adjacent teeth have already been reduced... does it make sense to go though this surgery?  Will the look prognosis be improved, all questions you need to ask.

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Can I get a dental implant without getting a bone graft? Age 30

It is very likely that you will need a bone graft in the area. Given the amount of time the tooth has been missing there is a good chance that an adequate amount of bone will not be present where you need it. Since it is a front tooth getting the implant in the proper position to have a crown placed that looks natural is very important. You want tooth position to dictate where the implant is placed not current amount of bone. If you do not have the grafting done and the surgeon has to place the implant in an area that has enough bone to support it the position of the final crown may have to be compromised.

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Implant Without Bone Graft

It is difficult to say without seeing a 3D CT scan of the area to tell if you have enough bone for the procedure.  If not, a bone grafting procedure will be necessary to give you that bone quantity and ensure success of your dental implant procedure.  Find a surgeon in your area that has a CT machine and call for a consult.  Good luck.

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Implant without a bone graft

It would be unlikely to find enough bone to support a dental implant since you have been missing the tooth for almost 22 years. The bone shrinks fairly quickly after tooth loss.  Bone has to be present in sufficient amount around a dental implant to provide long term stability and produce an acceptable cosmetic result. My advise is to get a cone beam CT scan. An implant surgeon will be able to determine the amount of bone volume present and whether a bone graft would be needed.

Implant without graft may include compromises

Over time, bone shrinks. If your lip raises when you smile, called a gummy smile, this bone loss may be obvious.  If not, living with asymmetry may not matter.  There must be adequate bone to PLACE an implant (4 mm implant needs 7 mm width).  So even if it isn't a cosmetic issue, implants still may require a graft.  Your surgeon is the best person to give advice.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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