How to Remove Old, Dark Scars from Bug Bites?

What can I use to help fade old, dark scars all over my legs? They were from bug bites. I have tried Bio-Oil and Scarlight, but it only faded a little. Can I try anything else?

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Dermatofibroma on legs are best to be left alone

These dark spots from old bug bites most likely represent dermatofibroma, i.e. dermal scar tissue There is really no good treatment for dermatofibroma as these are areas that have demonstrated their propensity to form thicken scars. Liquid nitrogen, intralesional steroid injection, surgical removal often result in suboptimal cosmetic outcome. Best advice is to leave them along and to prevent formation of new ones, e.g. getting treatment to minimize hair follicle infection. You should seek advice from a board-certified dermatologist for prescription-strength therapeutic options to lighten post-inflammatory pigmentation that may be associated with these pigmented dermatofibromas.

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