Can my Oily Skin Slow Down my Recovery After Rhinoplasty?

I had an open rhinoplasty 5 weeks ago to remove a hump and refine the tip of my nose but now I can see my nostrils. my doctor said that my tip will go down about 3mm and that my nostrils will not show, but it's been 5 weeks now and it has not changed at all, will it go down? i have a very oily skin, could that affect my healing?

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Rhinoplasty Recovery and Oily Skin

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Post -operative rhinoplasty swelling always resolves slower in patients with thick oily skin. The only treatment at present is to ask you to be patient. You should do fine.

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Oily skin and recovery from nose job.

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Oily skin tends to be thicker and slower for resolution of swelling and less likely to reflect the underlying work that has been performed.

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