I had tooth #12 extracted today. How long can I wait before I have a bone graft, prior to getting an implant?

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When should a bone graft be done after having an extraction?

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The most optimal time to graft an extraction site is at the time of the extraction. Not only is this the ideal time to perform the graft, but it will also reduce the number of procedures as well as your total healing time.
You should speak with your dentist and ask if there is a reason that it was not in your best interest to place the bone graft at the same time as the extraction .

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Dr. Champagne 

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Bone graft after extraction

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Sometimes implant and bone graft could be placed at the same time of the extraction of tooth (immediate implant) 

sometimes bone graft is done at the time of extraction of the tooth (socket graft), then after 4-6 months, implant is placed 

sometimes as in your case, tooth is extracted. Then after a wait time of 8 weeks allowing for soft tissue healing, 
  - an implant is placed with bone graft
  (delayed implant) 

- or if the bone is deficient, the bone graft is done to augment the site, 
and after a wait time of 6 months, implant is placed. 


The longer you wait after the extraction, 
the more resorption of the local bone, 
and the more extensive surgical procedure will be needed to rebuild the missing bone. 

Elly Tehrani, DMD, MSD
Toronto Periodontist
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Bone graft

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Hi, thanks for the question... The approximate time is 5-6 months, successful will depends several factors on your bone. Although many studies promote implants placement at same time bone graft because helps to stability to the graft. Regards 

Jepssy Beltre, DDS
Dominican Republic Dentist
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