Having ext and bone graft Friday. Should I go to work the next day? (Photo)

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Having ext and bone graft Friday. Should I go to work the next day?

Should be no problem.

It does look like you are an ideal candidate for an extraction and an immediate implant placement that can save you surgical appointments and time.  You have several millimeters of available bone apical to the current tooth which will lead to initial implant stability.   

You would need a slightly different angle radiograph to be sure, but I know most of my patients prefer to avoid extra visits and appreciate cutting months off of treatment time while saving money.

You may want to inquire with your doctor?

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Working After Extraction

The answer to this question varies with each patient.  It always depends on how extensive the extraction is and the patient's propensity for swelling and discomfort.  From the looks of this xray I would say there is a decent chance that you could attend work the next day.  Good luck. 

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