Revision septoplasty - infection? hump over bridge?

Had a revision septoplasty with rib cartilage and fascia graft - 6 weeks post op - and now have bump on bridge of my nose that goes red - contacted surgeons office - surgeon is at a conference - she suggested seeing my gp if im concerned about infection, is this a good idea or should i just wait till next week to see him, the redness comes and goes - the hump over the bridge (which wasn't there pre-op) remains. It appeared after 5 weeks. it also feels hard - thoughts?

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Careful observation needed

After any surgery it is important to have an evaluation whenever there is something unusual or out of the ordinary.  Hardness is common and normal, but redness or pain are problems that need addressing directly after a surgery.  Infections can happen after any surgery and redness is a common characteristic of an infection.  Further evaluation by a surgeon is the best course of action.

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