Is my midface length too long and will shortening my nose help? (Photo)

I don't know if it shows up well in the photos but my midface length has always drawn my attention in a mirror. Is it possible to shorten this length with a nose job or something?

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Long midface

Your midface is appearing long because of lack of prominence at the cheek bone level. The lack of strong cheek bones can bring down the fat closer to the lip and give the face an elongated appearance. Getting a filler such as Sculptra in your cheek bones will restore the midface. The nose is not doing much to affect the midface except for some nostril widening. An alarplasty can help with that but you don't need a full rhinoplasty. 
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Nasal length and midface height

Nasal length should be about 2/3ds the midface height (from brow to ala).  You can do this analysis yourself.  If your nose is longer than this length, you may benefit from a shortening procedure.  Best wishes!

John Michael Thomassen, MD
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Long face

From the photo you seem to have a somewhat long, rectangular face.  I am sorry, but without examining you in person and evaluating your face from four angles it is really impossible to decide if a rhinoplasty will achieve what you want. 

Stuart H. Bentkover, MD
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Rhinoplasty will improve the appearance of your mid face

From your photograph your nose appears to occupy a somewhat larger area of your mid face.From your photograph I believe a rhinoplasty to reduce the size and improve the shape of your nose will improve the appearance of your mid face.

Please choose your rhinoplasty surgeon very carefully.  Consult a board certified plastic surgeon and insist on seeing photographs of that surgeons own work and if possible speak to a previous patient.

Midface lenght

This would best be evaluated with an in office exam and radiographs.  If the midface is too long, then an upper jaw surgery would only correct that problem.  Nasal surgery does not correct a long mid face.

Donald Nunn, MD
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