What laser is best for broken capillaries and brown spots on face IPL or Clear Brilliant laser?

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IPL and Clear + Brilliant laser

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IPL can improve spider veins and brown spots on the face.  The Clear + Brilliant laser can fade brown spots and improve skin texture, but will not treat spider veins.  

Toronto Dermatologist

Radiowave Treatments Work Well For Treating ‚Äč"Broken Capillaries" On The Face

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So-called 'broken capillaries" are more correctly known as telangiectasia, since they are actually permanently dilated small vessels rather than broken ones. A number of approaches to eliminate them may be used, depending upon the diameter and distribution of the small vessels. When dealing with narrow, tiny vessels can be treated by both radiowave therapy and with wider, more prominent vessels, particularly in the nasal region, sclerotherapy. Unfortunately, to date, I have not been impressed with the results of light-based therapies, like laser and IPL, despite the "next biggest thing" marketing hype that often attends their mention in the lay press and advertisements.

Radiowave therapy uses a device that sends radiowaves into the vessel causing heating and destruction of the undesirable vessels. Sclerotherapy accomplishes the same thing but by injecting an irritating solution, such as high concentration salt (and other types of materials) collectively referred to as sclerosants, since they effectively causing scarring, shrinkage and elimination of the unwanted vessels.

Radiowave treatment as described above or electrodessication are considered the treatments of choice for facial telangiectasias. That having been said, I have had good success, especially when treating larger telangiectases on the nose, with the use of sclerosing solution. I have also found these techniques successful for treating flat, sun-related brown spots on the face known as solar lentigines.

Naturally, you would do well to seek the services of a board certified aesthetic physician with experience in treating these kinds of problems with all the current modalities.

Ipl photo rejuvenation rosacea

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It's not so much about the technology BUT it's all about the person who performs the treatment and your expectations.  You can see what an RF / IPL type of device can provide in the video below.

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