Numbness After Fat Transfer

It's been 3 wks post-op after undergoing a full facial fat transfer to manage significant volume loss due to aging. I've been experiencing numbness-like tingling sensation in all the treated areas which is emotionally unsettling. Is this normal & how long does this sensation typically last. I was told my by PS that significant swelling from this type of procedure can persist up to 8 wks however, fully subsides approx 6-8 mos out. I still have chipmunk cheeks & my upper eyelids are also swollen.

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Numbness after fat grafting

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It is not uncommon to have numbness after any surgical procedure and it is especially true after grafting fat from one area to another. This numbness can persist for several months but if it is not improving you should discuss this with your surgeon.

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Numbness after fat transfer

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After full face fat grafting patients can have noticeable numbness lasting several weeks. In order to create a natural result the fat is often grafted throughout the different facial regions and in the process the nerves that give feeling to the face can become swollen, causing numbness.

The fat grafts are typically placed using blunt tipped canulas so it would be quite difficult to permanently cut the nerves. As the feeling returns it is common for patients to note the tingling sensation that you mention.

The swelling after full fat fat grafting can be significant for several weeks. The larger an area grafted and the more volume placed the more swelling you'll experience. Sleeping wth your head elevated at least 30 degrees can help with this, but it is more a matter of time for the tissue swelling to improve.

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